Twenty percent tax on Mexican imports

Whether the 20 percent holds or is reduced I like the idea of holding their feet to the fire. For years their oligarchy has been dumping their poor on us rather than improve living standards for those without multiple foreign bank accounts.

Plus it sends exactly the right message to American manufacturers who think they can decamp to Nuevo Leon and pay starvation wages to the peons. Our consumer goods may cost more as a result, and the Mexican oligarchy may find their power threatened from within.

But in conjunction with a real, steel wall sunk to bedrock to prevent tunneling… Way cool.

Via One America News Network

3 responses to “Twenty percent tax on Mexican imports

  1. There is one small point I am missing in that 20% story. I know that I don’t know first thing about economics, but if you go to a shop and buy some Mexican product from now on, wouldn’t it be you who pays 20% more and not Mexico?

    • It could be a charge for the consumer. More likely it’s a charge for the importer on the market value of the item. Which redounds on Mexico by making their imported goods more expensive. I suppose it could also be a tax that Mexican merchants must pay to ship their goods into the U.S. The idea as I understand it is to make American manufacturers stop moving their factories to Mexico to take advantage of cheap Mexican labor.

  2. Thanks. I gather we shall see soon enough.