Waiting for Season 7

I finally finished watching all there is (so far) of Game of Thrones, that is up to the end of Season 6. I had to laugh at the explosive demise of the High Sparrow and Co. But I will miss Queen Margery.

Also appropriate was Arya’s dispatch of Walder Frey—a final Stark salute.

All of which is sufficiently different from the books, but no matter. As long as I can keep both plots separate in my head I’ll be okay.

Now July needs to hurry up and get here. Although I have a problem. I don’t want to subscribe to HBO but how else to get the episodes? Thru Amazon?

4 responses to “Waiting for Season 7

  1. I found it late, didn’t catch the first couple of season two episodes, but I’m still liking it. I was hoping for a more badass looking Draper, maybe more like the GOT chick, uh, what’s her name? Big blond woman.

  2. Crap. I meant the comment for The Expanse, not GOT. But you caught it, anyhow.

  3. Easy to get confused with these serial shows, kind of like the old Saturday matinees back in the day.