Reprising The Expanse

Been rehashing the episodes of The Expanse, since I own them now. Taking them in sequence from the first to the most recent, the 12th 13th of Season 2. Liking the characters more and wondering how far the SyFy channel will take the show.

Like as far as the the sixth novel, Babylon’s Ashes, which I just finished? It’s about the Belters war against Earth and Mars. Pretty good. No spoilers here. Wondering what’s next in the novel series, more on the colonized solar systems, I presume.

3 responses to “Reprising The Expanse

  1. I am more impressed all the time with the FX they use. There are only a couple of issues that I think are wrong, or at least iffy, in the mix. Artificial gravity. I just don’t see it coming. I reckon they didn’t see heavier than air flight coming, either, but still.

    And the spacesuit headlights that light up the user’s face. I see the reason they do it, but it’s still stupid scientifically.

  2. My main complaint is the sound of the rockets, which is understandable from a drama pov, but completely unscientific being as there is no air in vacuum to convey the sound.

  3. You’re right. I never even notice that. I’ve never seen a SF show that did NOT have the sounds. Except 2001 and the sequels.