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Reprising The Expanse

Been rehashing the episodes of The Expanse, since I own them now. Taking them in sequence from the first to the most recent, the 12th 13th of Season 2. Liking the characters more and wondering how far the SyFy channel will take the show.

Like as far as the the sixth novel, Babylon’s Ashes, which I just finished? It’s about the Belters war against Earth and Mars. Pretty good. No spoilers here. Wondering what’s next in the novel series, more on the colonized solar systems, I presume.

The Expanse 2

Roughly a year after watching the first season of this syfy concoction, I have embarked on season 2. It has three more episodes than 1.

The graphics, the hardware and the CGI are still cool. And the actors the same—even to the introduction of Bobby Draper, who is comelier than my mind’s eye view of her from the books, but that’s show biz.

Still worth the pittance it costs, $2.99 per 40-minute episode. And I see that it is making enough money from its 600,000 fans to go into production for a season 3. All to the good.

The Expanse

On a good tip from JD, I bought the first nine-episode season of a new SyFy channel series called The Expanse, an adaptation of a cool series of books by two Arizona guys who go by one author  name, James S.A. Corey.

Hard to understand the dialogue in the first 45-minute episode. Have to figure how to get the closed captions up on the screen, but I know the basic story and the hardware and graphics are cool. The books were a lot of fun. The sixth one, Babylon’s Ashes, is due out in August.

The tv product looks good so far. Is this the next big thing? The first cool scifi-in-space-series in a while? Space ships! Space Stations! People in space! Thanks, JD.