Roots of Trump Derangement Syndrome

“The progressives felt themselves on the verge of turning America into a gigantic echo-chamber. Except for tiny pockets of resistance, they control the universities. They dominate the mainstream media and mainstream culture. They had the Supreme Court as of Obergefell. And they had a Democratic administration ready to cut off funding to schools that didn’t let boys-who-say-they-are-girls into the girls’ room.

“And into this triumphalist delirium, there intruded the raucous Queens accent of Donald J. Trump, the most politically incorrect contestant for national office since Andrew Jackson. The progressives have responded by retreating into deep fantasy, with tutus and pussy hats (which, one might add, are a micro-aggression against transwomen who do not have vaginas, and should be replaced by a hat that depicts a part of the anatomy that everyone has).

“Trump did not merely derail the progressive political agenda. He turned the lights out on the Holodeck and left the snowflake-identities of the self-inventors to melt in the wholesome light of day, and the progressives will never stop raging against him.”

Via Spengler.

8 responses to “Roots of Trump Derangement Syndrome

  1. And yet with one defeat after another, the progressive mind will never consider their folly.

  2. They can’t without rewriting their whole agenda.

  3. Sennacherib

    You’re right Stanley. They cannot for one minute in even smallest degree admit they were wrong, for if they do the whole charade disappears and their world is shown to be completely make believe.

  4. Those pussy hats… I reckon they are really cat hats, with the ears. ‘Cause, they really don’t look like any pussy I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen lots, but not every pussy, so I’m willing to be scientifically detached.

  5. Sennacherib

    You still haven’t said if you were gonna play that fiddle. I was thinking about dragging my sorry carcass to see you.

  6. Link is broken for some reason.

  7. Sennacherib

    For some reason I can’t get anything to work, darn Russians. I did think the church’s name was a classic “The Saints of the Last Days Church”. I would think that if a river in Africa is named the “crocodile river” I would inquire why before I did any religious activity in that river.