Impeachment is coming

When the two major newspapers in the country are piling on, with almost daily anti-Trump stories, abetted by at least two major networks and a significant number of both political parties in Congress, Trump can’t escape for long.

“…Donald Trump declared war on the establishment, and the establishment is making war on Trump,” writes John Hinderaker of PowerLineBlog.

This Comey revenge story just may do it. Time will tell. A few months time. Until the end of the summer, anyway. Impeachment is coming from the House. Whether the Senate will/can convict is another story.

UPDATE:  This DOJ appointment of a special counsel to oversee the Trump/Russia circus may hold the onrushing tide back for a while. Note that it’s not a special “prosecutor,” which isn’t likely to assuage the Dems/Reps for long.

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3 responses to “Impeachment is coming

  1. Sennacherib

    I don’t know Stanley. The Dems may have miscalculated. Let’s say they get an impeachment and conviction (both of which are iffy) before the mid terms, they would still be stuck with Republicans in the WH, House, and Senate. Unless of course they could get a rerun of the election. This has been their mantra all along that the election itself was invalid. This all would have to (in their plans) mean an extra-constitutional procedure, which I don’t think the people will stand for.

  2. Bullshit, Dick.

  3. I agree Dick. The RINOs are going to defect en masse to preserve The Swamp at all costs. The script allows nothing less.