Cutting back on fake news

Scott Adams has a good idea for replacing the White House press briefings, which have only turned into a sneer fest of gotcha games fueling fake news.

Take it to the Internet, he says, with written questions and answers, supplemented by occasional video clips, and let the public respond to the questions and answers, though some sort of refereeing and censorship would be necessary there.

I like this author of Dilbert, which is a funny strip, and I’ll probably get around to reading his anti-self help book as well.

Via Scott Adams Blog

3 responses to “Cutting back on fake news

  1. The only real quibble I have with Mr. Adams is his viewpoint on free will. I.e., he says there ain’t none. We are “moist robots”. I’m a pretty firm believer in free will. I don’t absolutely deny that SOME behaviors are hard coded in all species, humans included, but I refuse to believe that ALL behaviors are instinctive.

    • Moist robots, indeed. Bags of water, more like, much better than 50 percent of mass. It’s curious that the religious tend to believe in free will and the atheist/agnostic materialists don’t. You might think that religion would impose behavior, whereas Judaism and Christianity definitely believe in free will. I suppose you couldn’t have sin/righteousness without it.

  2. Sennacherib

    I’m with you Stanley. History is full of stories of people or groups trying to control humanity and eventually they have all failed miserably.