Eating garbage in Venezuela

“‘Then true hunger crept into where I lived. People started digging through the trash at all hours, pulling out vegetable peelings and soggy pizza crusts and eating them on the spot. That seemed like rock bottom. Until my local bakery started organizing lines each morning, not to buy bread but to eat trash.

“‘People waited for their turn to hunt through black bags of bakery garbage. A young woman found a box of muffin crumbs. A teenage boy focused on finding juice containers and drinking whatever remained.’

“Socialists are not more moral than the rest of us. On the contrary, they are greedier and more cynical. Socialism is evil, and must be ostracized as such. Venezuela’s collapse is just the latest in a long series of stories that remind us that the only path to freedom and prosperity is free enterprise.”

E tu, Beach House Bernie?

Via “The Associated Press Departs Venezuela” at Power Line

2 responses to “Eating garbage in Venezuela

  1. Wait till we get articles about how much more nutritious this is than regular food. Kind of like Pelosi saying funemployment.

  2. Funemployment, ugh. I never saw that. Expect bank fraud Bernie, the theoretical socialist, would be more likely to find the silver lining in eating garbage.