Mueller’s grand jury

From comenter Julian Hill at the WSJ:

“Crooked Mueller–appointed to investigate a crime when no crime has been identified and fatally conflicted due to his relationship with BFF Lyin’Jim (‘I’m Nauseous’) Comey, after recruiting 16 ‘unbiased’ former Clinton bundler/shysters now forges ahead in his illegal,unethical safari into the heart of the swamp as he impanels a D.C. Jury prepared to indict a ham sandwich if nothing more substantial is on offer.The Deep State crooked, dishonest, unethical, murderous, and above all self interested, gears up to oppose, thwart,and delay the work of the duly elected POTUS–illustrating once again their determination to oppose, at every turn, the will of the American people, and if possible effect a silent coup–in this case not so silent…”

Via the WSJ

4 responses to “Mueller’s grand jury

  1. I just can’t figure out Trump’s strategy with this Mueller character. Is he not firing him and letting him be very public to stoke the people’s anger or is it just a mistake he’s trying to live with?

  2. He seems to take seriously the threat of impeachment

  3. I wish there was an email address for mueller (lower case out of disrespect) so that we could provide a deluge of mail telling him what we think of him.

  4. Welcome M.D., glad to have you aboard. I suppose you could email the Justice Dept, As for me, having been in the Army, I prefer not to mess with the feds directly.