The Open Borders Mob

Save the chil-rens. Save the chil-rens. Save the chil-rens!

What nonsense. Hollyweird. The Mediacrats. Laura Bush (!)

They all want open borders and will do anything to get them. Lie. Steal.

Stay the course, President Trump. They won’t love you even if you fold.

Via Breitbart

2 responses to “The Open Borders Mob

  1. Sennacherib

    I don’t know, I think maybe Trump did all this on purpose to show these people (the Libs) for what they are.

  2. His executive order, reuniting children with parents “where appropriate,” meaning some of these parents are not parents at all, seems to give the mob half-a-loaf while doubling down on enforcement and of course they hate it. Pretty funny.