Strzok’s smirk

“The shrinks call that ‘inappropriate affect’ and it sure was.  What the hell was this guy smirking about? Even in the remote possibility (oh, how remote) that his bias had no direct political and investigatory consequence, he had shamed himself, his family, and the FBI and its personnel tremendously, damaging the organization materially for years to come. And yet he was smirking.”

When he wasn’t lifting his chin in the air, like Mussolini and Bronco Bama.

He had no idea what a fool he was making of himself.

Via PJMedia

3 responses to “Strzok’s smirk

  1. Stanley,
    “He had no idea what a fool he was making of himself.” LOL you can say that about the entire Left and for quite a while.

  2. Well, as a person who will never believe a pol, I usually extend the same courtesy to the cops. Even ones in suits.

  3. Especially ones in suits who have the corporate culture at their backs.