The Alt-Left controls journalism

Ever wonder why the Mediacrats focus so much attention on the alt-right?

Gamergate used to be a debate about the alt-left’s takeover of journalism. Now that the alt-left controls journalism, period, it’s become a national debate about fake news.

“Sarah Jeong’s racism isn’t an isolated incident. It’s a culture that is taking over newsrooms. The complete disregard for facts, the pervasive contempt for the political opposition, the impassioned victimhood, and the ravening hatred poorly disguised as comedy now defines the media.

“And so we don’t talk about the alt-left, because when we talk about the alt-left, we’re talking about the media.”

Via Sultan Knish

4 responses to “The Alt-Left controls journalism

  1. That’s why we call newspapers “Altpapier”.

  2. Meaning alternative paper?

  3. I don’t know German at all. When I lived in Munich I was attending an English-only college on a US Army base (an old SS Kaserne). I’m afraid I’m not very multi-culti. As a recovering journalist (retired newspaperman) I think paper trash is very appropriate. 😉