Why I have no Trump stickers

This example of retribution, across the Columbia River from lefty Portland, Oregon, is the reason I have no Trump stickers on my car, nor a Cruz sign in my yard.

Here in the blue hole in the red Texas donut, crazed leftist Beto supporters are as prolific as they are in Portland. It’s just not worth the risk.

Via Fox News

UPDATE: A Real Clear Politics piece on a crazed lefty vandal ripping Cruz signs from yards doesn’t say which city it is in Texas but I’d bet it’s Austin.

2 responses to “Why I have no Trump stickers

  1. Keeping Antifa and similar happy seems to be the definition of Amercan cops’ brief lately.

  2. Depends on the city. Liberal cities like Portland and Berkeley tell their cops to stand down and let Antifa play. More conservative ones like Dallas and Houston will crack their skulls. Have yet to see them in Austin. Be interesting to see what happens when we do.