The next civil war: coasts vs the interior

Another thing classics professor and historian Victor Davis Hanson worries about is that the political divisions today are very much like the political divisions of 1861—the beginning, in that spring, of the American Civil War.

That’s because, like the political divisions of 1861, today’s divisions are geographical. Then you had the North versus the South. Today you have the coasts, West and East, versus the interior of the country.

That’s reflected in U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke’s campaign funding. Liberal Dimocrat Beto gets the most of his record-breaking $38 million, not from Texas citizens and corporations but from those of the East and West coasts, specifically California and New York.

Now Beto’s going to lose, sure enough. I doubt even he expects to win. But the point is that the liberal coasts are trying to buy congressional elections in the conservative interior to further their own national agendas. And that will create resentments that, if continued long enough, could turn to warfare.

7 responses to “The next civil war: coasts vs the interior

  1. Yes and another similarity would be the Mississippi River’s importance.

    • What does the river have to do with it? In 1861 it was a formidable barrier that hadn’t been bridged. Today we can fly over it.

      • The Mississippi river is still the only major waterway that services almost the entire interior (one major side of the conflict) of the US. You are correct in that it also has been bridged, but those can be cut quite easily. As for flying over it, yes you’re again correct, but I doubt we’d see the same air cargo traffic during hostilities as we have now.

  2. Yep. I respect Victor Davis Hanson, and what he says confirms my bad gut feeling. It is going too far.

  3. Snoop,
    Maybe it is going too far, but I think a lot of the Left’s noise making is the type where they realize they are losing so they go to desperate lengths. In the first American Civil War the South told itself it would win because of 1)preponderance of military experience and 2) the importance of cotton.
    1) They may have had a point but they didn’t put away their opponent quick enough.
    2) cotton’s importance was a fantasy
    They lost.
    The Left is making the South’s same mistake in fantasizing about their own strength.

  4. Your Majesty, this is a good point you make, but it is regarding the outcome.
    I think we all would agree that bloodshed isn’t an option. Not an alternative to calming down and starting to really talk one to another.

    • The Dims, who keep encouraging mobs of protesters and the Dim news media, especially CNN and MSNBC, are making “calming down and starting to really talk to one another” just about impossible.