The Synagogue Shooting

It was inevitable was my first thought. After all there already have been multiple mosque and church shootings. After I found out it was a conservative shul, I was a little surprised to learn they didn’t have better security. But then my own reform synagogue only has obvious security on the high holy days.

We’re just fortunate to be in a gated community that theoretically would catch a non-member. Theoretically. Our gate keepers are none too careful and seem to let vehicles without stickers through with only minor chat with the driver. And the stickers would be easy enough to steal.

But you can’t lock down a house of worship, especially in these times of scant membership of all religious stripes. You can’t make them hard to get into. What you can do, with a little thought and preparation, is have a congregant or congregants who carry concealed. Someone bold enough to shoot back when needed. But that’s a tall order, whatever the faith.

Via Fox News

5 responses to “The Synagogue Shooting

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  2. Yes, that’s a tall order indeed. In Europe most, if not all, synagogues, are protected, though, by armed people, sometimes by the army even.
    Sadly it has become a necessity.

  3. Saw an American commenter on Israel News who said , anonymously of course, that his shul has armed concealed carry congregants, including the rabbi!

  4. Kill the SOB. Sorry for the language Stanley. I don’t want another candlelight vigil or language about “the fabric of the nation and this is not who we are etc, etc. If it can be proved quickly, anyone doing this should pay the price. And the congregants SHOULD be armed and ready to use period.

  5. I have little doubt the SOB will receive a death sentence. But I expect his lawyers will appeal and it could be years before the sentence is carried out, if ever, Meanwhile the synagogue is/will be learning of other congregations that have volunteer security and may develop some of its own.