The Synagogue Murderer

Is as anti-Trump as he is anti-Jew.

He rails and retweets here at his Gab dot com alternative to Twitter before it was wiped. He is a hard-core hater with a license to carry concealed, for which he passed an FBI background check, and no respect for Trump whom he thinks is controlled by Jews in “a kike infestation.”

But don’t let that stop you from believing Robert Bowers’ is just one more bad example of what the Trump presidency has wrought.

Via Twitter, Gab, and Breitbart

4 responses to “The Synagogue Murderer

  1. Yeah, the usual crowd was in force a few minutes after the attack.
    Sadly, some people are not stopped by blood, not even dry yet.

  2. The “usual crowd” included CNN and MSNBC

  3. Not only these, some uber-progressive Jews as well.

  4. Yeah like the Jewish mayor of P-burg who said Trump wasn’t welcome. Asswipe. The rabbi was accommodating.