It’s Trump’s economy

Not Bronco Bama’s, no matter what he says, and you vote for the Dimocrats at your peril.

Only if you want it all to collapse, as they vote to raise corporate taxes and restore the business-strangling regulations Trump and the Republican Congress have eliminated.

“His approving of the stalled pipelines, his more coal friendly policies, his more oil & gas friendly policies, have all been real boosts to the economy. The big one though – the tax breaks and more importantly the portions of the laws that have dealt with repatriating the trillions of dollars companies had overseas and reinvesting those dollars here – was an act of Congress cheered on by the president (that would not have been enacted under Obama or Hillary). So, it is not like the president has no effect.”

Even fixed-income baby boomers would suffer if the Dims get back Congress with lower 401K payments as the stock market retrenches. Some of that could happen by 2020 anyway, or so the establishment (that’s fought Trump all along) believes. It will happen without doubt if the Dims get the House and Senate back on Nov. 6

Via CNBC & GlobalTirvir at Instapundit

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