GHW Bush buried at Texas A&M

That was yesterday afternoon, after ceremonies in Houston, while Mr. B. was still having exams. Doubt he would have gone but he’d have hardly been able to miss some of the spectacle.

The George H.W. Bush Presidential Library is on the campus. He is buried in a special plot behind it with his wife and young daughter.

Union Pacific also got into the act, its Locomotive 4141  carrying Bush from Spring (near Houston) 70 miles to College Station, in a special car that allowed viewing of the casket. The family was aboard special passenger cars and attended the private burial.

Via Daily Caller & FoxNews

2 responses to “GHW Bush buried at Texas A&M

  1. Didn’t agree with him much, but all in all not a bad guy.

  2. He was an old-line patrician who, when young, had the guts to fight a war. But he didn’t have Reagan’s charm and so couldn’t hold the revolution together past four years. My sister worked for him in Congress and was an adopted family member ever after.