The Lynching of Coonman

Virginia Dimocrat Gov. Ralph Shearer Northam (aka Goose Coonman), may look like he’s breathin’ but he’s actually a dead man walking now that Dim presidential candidate Kamala (screwing her way to the top) Harris has called for his public lynching.

UPDATE: The Dimocrat’s premier lick-spittle, CNN, struggles to save him.

3 responses to “The Lynching of Coonman

  1. The verbal and logical gymnastics being used by Democrats in this case are fun to watch.

  2. I think every Democrat connected with this guy has to be scared. I’m thinking especially of McCauliff (the former Governor), the current Lt. Governor and every one of the democrats in Virginia’s legislature, especially the ones who endorsed his campaign.

  3. They’re betting the public’s memory is short. Even Coonman is stalling.