Another Texas mass shooting

It’s asking too much, I know it is, but could the cops please not shoot to kill these mass shooters so we can at least find out why they did it. With them dead, it’s a guessing game. White male, mid-30s, tells us nothing.

America is sick of this, say the Dims, and that is certainly true but their solution is to take the guns of the law-abiding. Criminals will always find a gun. As they do every day in Chicago, Mexico, and other garden spots.

I’m tempted to think he was a relocated Californicator, but there’s some sort of mass psychosis at work here. We’ll never know for sure so long as the cops keep killing the killers.

4 responses to “Another Texas mass shooting

  1. That is a unreasonable expectation. When in a gun fight it is kill or be killed. ( 30 yr. law enforcement veteran)

  2. Taking them alive is tough but it’s becoming essential. Cops have to learn to do more than pray and spray.

  3. Waste ’em. Trial will probably get them a couple of years in a nut house.