Starship prototype

Turns out that Elon Musk’s SpaceX isn’t just about shipping people and goods to NASA’s space station, but, some day, a trip to a nearby star. Not sure why he built this, near Boca Chica in the Rio Grande Valley on the Texas-Mexico border, when we haven’t even gone back to the moon yet, much less Mars.

3 responses to “Starship prototype

  1. I think it’s cool. In the days of sail after the initial government expeditions it was private/semi private efforts that truly opened the world. This reminds me of that.
    The Sennacherib is on the road. I always seem to have difficulties with my procession (especially my chariot) at toll roads
    I suspect Chaldeans.

  2. Chaldeans, no doubt. It looks too small to be a generation ship, where passengers live and die as the years to the nearest star roll by.

  3. Chaldeans are a pesky bunch, precursors to the Dems.