Another scorpion

Spotted him, a red one, in the hall, moving slowly if at all. Smashed him with my shoe and deposited the remains over the porch rail into the wet pre-dawn darkness.

Rabbi Google says the cold weather makes them sluggish. Time for a re-treat from Bugmaster or another pest company. More spray, that’s the ticket. The best one available.

UPDATE:  It’s been almost three two weeks since Bugmaster sprayed for scorpions, doing the light fixtures for any coming in from the crawl space. I’m going with ABC Pest Control for a change, if for no other reason, since Bugmaster didn’t rid us of them.

MORE: Nah. Sticking with Bugmaster because they’re re-treating for free and keeping at it.

2 responses to “Another scorpion

  1. They come and go. My parents would kill a couple a day for months. They’ll run across the ceiling at night. There now that I’ve scared you, getting the exterminator is a good move. The scorpions love to eat roaches, so get rid of the roaches and the scorpions disappear. Spray before the rainy season for best results.

  2. I knew about the ceiling forays. Though I also have read they seek darkness and a light is always on in our bedroom at night. Haven’t seen a live roach since we moved in, attributed it to the exterminators who’ve been here several times, nor a spider which is supposed to be a scorpion delicacy. And it’s just now the start of the fall rainy season. Need to get them back in for more spray next week. I hope it never comes down to killing a couple a day, but we have started wearing shoes (shaken out every morning) around the place. No more barefoot for us. Chiefly worry about the cat who is old and sick, with damaged lungs from the Bastrop forest fires that killed his mother years ago. Don’t know if he could withstand a red scorpion’s sting.