The walking wounded

Steve Hamblin, a classmate in Infantry OCS, writes to the group after I posted the Second of the third:

“Still thinking about Wheat losing most of his platoon. My God that must have haunted him. There are no words. Vietnam is long over but there remain walking wounded among us and sometimes we learn too late who they are.”

Via OC-504-68 FtBenning at yahoo!.com

2 responses to “The walking wounded

  1. Dick,
    I was surprised he returned to VN. I, too, thought he had his ticket home.
    On the brighter side, we met in a bar in Japan where he was holding court with about 20 mesmerized by his continual line of jokes. It was a great time with him. As an aside he had to sit on a pile of pillows due the wounds he had which he referred to as his magic carpet.
    All the best,

  2. I asked Wheat in 2005 why he went back and he said something like “Why, indeed?” He thus indicated he was ordered back, but he didn’t say it in so many words. I suppose we’ll never know for sure.