The Democrat depression

House Speaker Nancy “let them eat ice cream” Pelosi has the House on vacation during the pandemic, ignoring the run-out of small business loan money set up by the president, the Republicans and her own party.

Now she no longer cares, despite the fact that small business constitutes 50 percent of US employment. She’s destroying lives just to make Trump look bad. What an evil woman.

UPDATE: The wicked witch of the west.

2 responses to “The Democrat depression

  1. It’s goes far beyond making Trump look bad. The goal is to drive all business out of business then nationalize everything. Or rather globalize everything as COVID-19 is being exploited to get everyone on board for a One World communist super state.

  2. No chance of that. Michigan in revolt is merely a taste. NYC will be instructive. Enforcing isolation until summer would destroy the city. People won’t sit passively by for that, anymore than our Queens president would.