“What was his crime?,” a Rose Garden reporter asked President Trump of President Obama whom Trump had tweeted ran the most corrupt administration in history. Trump blew off the question by saying it was well known.

Yep. Conspiracy was the crime, orchestrating spying on the Trump campaign and subsequently on his administration, for years, until the Russia hoax fell apart.

My guess is Bull Durham will indict some people in the FBI and CIA but, at best, name Obama an unindicted co-conspirator. Probably just leave him alone to twist slowly in the wind, to use a famous Watergate quote. To keep giving his boilerplate, telepromptered speeches, which most people ignore because they’re boring.

He will also fight the President in word and deed to try and defeat him in November. Unseemly it may be, an ex-president attacking his successor, but whenever did a successor dismantle a predecessor’s legacy like Trump is doing to Barry? And he knew it was coming if he couldn’t undermine Trump.

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