Vote Dim Get China

The House’s $3 trillion stimulus bill contains a nasty twisty surprise.

“Chapter 83 of Title 41, United States Code is none other than the Buy American Act. That 1933 law prioritizes American manufacturers over others when the government makes purchases. The Trump administration strengthened the Buy American act last year. The Democrats’ bill would waive it permanently, allowing the government to purchase more goods from overseas, unrestricted.

“Advantage: China, the world’s manufacturing hub. Disadvantage: Americans who want to work making things.”

Somebody on the take much? You betcha.

Via PJMedia

2 responses to “Vote Dim Get China

  1. Fock them Dems. Captain Bill signed the The U.S.–China Relations Act of 2000 in October of 2000.

    “The Act also establishes a Congressional-Executive Commission to ensure that China complies with internationally recognized human rights laws, meets labor standards and allows religious freedom, and establishes a task force to prohibit the importation of Chinese products that were made in forced labor camps or prisons.”

    Haha. You think they followed those rules? Americans got fat and lazy sucking of cheap and easy product for the last 2 decades. Things are so cheap, if it breaks, so what? Go out and pick up another one.

    We were all part of the problem. We consumed and in the end we lose out by buying more and more cheap items, selling jobs oversees and creating more debt for the Chinese to buy up.

    I don’t mind spend a few extra dollars for quality craftsmanship Made in the USA. Yeah, it might hurt my pocket, but items probably last longer and keep jobs flowing here in the USA.

  2. Yes, I appreciated the cheap but quality camping equipment when Mr. Boy was young, and cheap but quality clothing until I began to hear of slave labor and caught on to the fact that our jobs were over there. The Dims preferred to keep Wall Street happy. Trump’s trade agreements with China and jawboning American manufacturers were helping bring the jobs back until the Wuhan Virus got loose. Coincidentally, I’m sure.