The leak in the wall

Lower kitchen cabinets have mildew growing on back wall shared with another apartment. And the remains of some standing water. We had a big storm the other night, so…

Got a plumber coming this afternoon to determine the source of the leak. Also Bugmaster returning tomorrow after we killed a black widow in the pantry closet.

Never a dull moment at the mini-Rancho. I thought we were done with fix-up, but no…

UPDATE: The plumber thinks it’s coming from next door and will try to contact them for a look-see. Meanwhile I summoned the property manager and will call my insurance company when the PM decides what to do.

MORE: PM’s plumber inspected and ruled out next door and seems to be turning to the idea of an exterior wall leak. Saw him take photos of the rock wall outside. Said any fix will have to go through the homeowner’s board. With more rain forecast this weekend. Time to call insurance?

2 responses to “The leak in the wall

  1. Sounds a bit like you may be in the wrong place, my friend.

    • Naw, just more hassles. This is an old—38 years—condo with a homeowners board history of two little money for repairs and structural ones are now coming up. The beauty of the trees in the canyon still draws, some residents have been here more than twenty years. There’s a grandfather tree, a triple branched pecan about fifty yards off our back porch, that’s more than a hundred feet high. I’ll pay extra for that beauty.