Looter, arsonist heaven in Minneapolis

The cops aren’t interfering, even when black business owners protest the looting of their stores, and the lamestream media, as usual, is lying:

“It’s mostly a protest and generally not unruly”, said the fake news (MSNBC) reporter as he stands in front of a burning building while looters scamper around behind him.”

Via Carpe Donktum on Twitter

2 responses to “Looter, arsonist heaven in Minneapolis

  1. That’s what you would expect from a Police force under a far left mayor – no problem snuffing out an unarmed black man who poses no threat and is complying but as soon as there’s any sense of danger they run like hell out the back door of the precinct.

  2. Some were evacuated from the roof, a report said. All are just letting it burn, and the guard isn’t being very bold so far.