The Return of Riot Ideology

“Americans are being told by intellectuals, politicians, and TV pundits that this deadly chaos is about ‘systemic racism,’ to quote [Pedo] Joe Biden, but what we are actually witnessing is the return of a dangerous belief system that Manhattan Institute scholar Fred Siegel called ‘the riot ideology.’

“People are being killed, businesses are being looted, and the fundamental basis of a free society is being jeopardized because this irresponsible mentality has been promoted as a solution to racial inequality, when in fact it is a major cause of the problem.”

This lawlessness is mostly happening in Dimocrat-run cities. If that doesn’t cost them the election nothing will.

Via The American Spectator

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: “Politicians have no interest in protecting or encouraging urban middle-class citizens, only dancing a jig to the social justice tune played by underclass minority demagogues and wealthy liberals.  Law enforcement’s hands are tied from keeping order, lest even a single racism unfold and provoke Armageddon.  Citizens are certainly not allowed to protect themselves, their homes, their communities, or their businesses.  That would be vigilantism…”

3 responses to “The Return of Riot Ideology

  1. I bet African Americans aren’t so thrilled either about their cars being burned and their windows smashed by these “virtuous” riots.

  2. They’ll be even less pleased when the police in their liberal cities are disbanded. Most crime against blacks is by other blacks.