Kneeling cops, guard

They look pathetic, the cops and soldiers (all guard) who let themselves be cajoled by the protesters into kneeling before the mob. Grinning like the fools they are. Worse even than the crying police chiefs.

All it produced in NYC was a stabbed cop and two more shot. Not much thanks for the Dimocrat mayor leaving the looters to their destructive partying. Even aging Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels tried to stop the looting the city cops are ignoring. And got bloodied for his trouble.

The Z man says aging whites, who remember 1968’s riots, are likely to turn out for Trump in November because they appreciate both his conciliatory words for the protesters, especially the blacks who aren’t looting, and promises of law and order for the rioters.

He got it in DC, finally, after elements of the 82nd Airborne, elite paratroopers who are perpetually on standby and training for just such events as rioting, burning and looting, took the streets back.

Even as his idiot secretary of defense, two days later, decried using active-duty troops for riot control. The Trumpster is not happy with the Secdef.

Nor should he be.

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