W denies dumping Trump

Our long-ago, two-term governor and two term only-because-of-wars-president denies (retracts?) NYSlimes report that he won’t be voting for Trump 2020. Completely made-up doesn’t seem likely even for the Slimes.

So maybe this is one of those do-it, then apologize, do-it, then apologize, games. Getting a two-fer on publicity. With the Bushes, you never know.

UPDATE:  Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush (son of Jeb) will vote for Trump because “he’s the only thing standing between America and socialism.”

4 responses to “W denies dumping Trump

  1. Colin Powell was recently paraded through German media for trashing Trump. When he dies, he will be the next John McCain. Yesterday Nazi, today antifa hero. Double-boo Bush is also in desperate need for that kind of love.

  2. Coincidentally, he’s still running for office.

  3. JCS Chairman Milley tops them all. If he doesn’t resign or be fired… Talk about a coup.

    • Since then he offered a second apology:
      “I was not only mistaken in wearing my uniform that day, I am ashamed of wearing it every day I do. My tear sacs attest to it. I offer to sink to my knee and relegate it to CNN’s Don Lemon for whatever needs to be done with it.”