Barbara Ellen logged off from work early today, struggling with an elephant sitting on her chest, making it hard to breathe, and a splitting headache. No fever, however, all day. Then, of course, there is the recent news of possibly no fever for three or four days in some Covid cases. Which she fears she has because of the aforementioned elephant. Time will tell.

At least she has no more back nor hip pain, thanks to Shawna, for a month now. But S. was not able to help improve BE’s breathing much even before the elephant arrived. Which limits the amount of oxygen in her blood. So we’ll wait and watch. She’s only in her mid-fifties, so she should otherwise be able to get through it. Fast as we can dose her with Resmedivir if needed.

UPDATE: BE tested negative for Covid, a few hours ago, at the minor emergency center on Far West Boulevard. They said her symptoms seemed fluish, which is likely since she failed to get a flu shot.

3 responses to “Covid?


    So sorry to read about Barbara Ellen’s ailment. Wish and pray
    for good health for everyone in your family.

  2. Thanks, Charlie. BE doesn’t want to miss our trip on the 25th, but if she’s positive y’all may want to drive separately to Higgins.

  3. Good news! She has tested negative for Covid. They said she has flu symptoms but that should be over by the 25th