Capitol Invasion Not The First

At least six other times have people invaded the so-called People’s House. It’s really the home of the monied elite, many crooks, and enough contradictory politics to gag a goose. But the current invaders, including Antifa, aren’t likely to come out ahead this time either. Kruiser at PJMedia has the usual funny take: Media finally finds a mob it doesn’t like. These perpetually lying and exaggerating enemies of the people are the real problem.

Via PJMedia

5 responses to “Capitol Invasion Not The First

  1. Do you have hope that the increasing hysteria and cult-like ideology will stop before the West descends into a terrible civil war? Of course, Trump will be banned from social media. Sooner or later Ann Coulter, Steve Bannon, Breitbart, Daily Wire etc will follow. In Europe we had this ‘no platform for …’ politics going for decades already when platform meant a mere physical podium. And I don’t see enough power left to fight against an ever corrupter and ever more aggressive elite cult. The outside world was so far the only hope. If no wonder happens, America will fall, too. The end of civilisation.

  2. I still have hope, despite that Italy helped steal the election:

    • I hope you are right. It is ultimately a question of stamina, I guess. Some exhaust themselves over the White House loss, but the game is a long game. Once Covid can no longer serve as an excuse this entire remote ballot business must be reduced to a bare minimum again.

  3. I fear it’s worse than that. It’s electronic theft: Dominion Voting Systems. The six states that stopped counting at midnight, a classic method of stealing elections, all used Dominion. Happened in Texas back in the 40s, with paper ballots, when LBJ stole his Senate seat.