Named for a Greek goddess….

…Charis, for beauty and elegance. Must say the front end of the Toyota Yaris isn’t beautiful or elegant but the number one daughter liked the whole well enough. So, with her Chevy Sonic in death throes at 170,000 mostly highway miles (are all American cars shit?), and Covid (and our Dimocrat mayor’s lockdowns) having rendered her almost broke, we bought her a used 2020, the last year the brand will be made in the USA.

But with only 30,000 miles on it it’s predicted to last another 270,000 miles—Car & Driver, I think it was. It is black, the most dangerous car color, and most costly to insure. But, as I say, she liked it. Even got a bit cheeky about it, saying “If I have a choice….” So all’s well as ends well.

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