Cookie Jill

It was a nice gesture on Dr. Biden’s part, bringing fresh-baked cookies in wicker baskets to the National Guard across from the WH to make up for the cold garage cement they went through the night before. For all Melania’s sophistication I can’t quite imagine her doing cookies. But then Trump wouldn’t have allowed the garage bit to begin with.

The First Lady may be a little frumpy (as Yahoo lifestyle saw it) but she’s attractively so and who doesn’t like cookies?

4 responses to “Cookie Jill

  1. She looks great for her age. I also hope that she will lead the White House with cookies while this Harris shrew is bouncing around. Unfortunately the executive orders so far suggest that she does not yet live up to the task to save the planet from the communists.

    I credit Biden for not humping any women in the oval office while being a Democrat. I’m not sure how “evangelical” Jimmy Carter really was, but it must have been a long time no girl was presidentially screwed in the White House while the incumbent was a liberal. And, yes, I know Obama existed.

  2. She is attractive, except for the Call Me Dr. bit. Just hope she doesn’t discover Harris at her usual work or both will be absent the arena until their faces heal. But the old pedo probably has ED, anyway.

    • Yes, ED was actually what I meant. Save around the oval office now. Although some dirty people can do dirty with their hands. But I don’t want to think too hard about the geezer.

  3. Pedo Joe is not a liberal, per se, he just does whatever the party wants and throws in a monkey wrench now and then. He likes EOs because they’re faster and he doesn’t have to dicker, but 37 of them (at last count) is a bit much. I expect there will be lots more. Harris will get her turn. And as for his hands, as a wellknown finger-raper, he may well start up a few assault scandals. Which they will blame on dementia, of course.