Dominion’s software steal

Finally, some proof of the software steal. In New Hampshire. Voting machines are corrupt. Very popular with dictators. Especially Dominion.

Via Gateway Pundit

2 responses to “Dominion’s software steal

  1. Honestly I think if every legal vote were counted and every irregularity were fixed Biden would still be President. Hell, he might even win by a bigger margin. The fact is that the majority of people in this country have lost their damn minds. I’ve got issues with Trump – mainly that he did nothing to stop the entire population from being under house arrest for nearly a year, that he cosigned the Fed’s insanity in dropping rates to near zero without regard for the consequences, and that he put us trillions of dollars more into debt. But even with that he was clearly the lesser of two evils in the mind of any rational human being. But if all you get is the CNN and MSNBC narrative and you have been educated in a public school system that teaches neither history nor critical thinking skills, then he’s worse than Hitler. In any case, the whole election fraud thing is a colossal waste of time. Letting them have their way and having to endure the consequences is the only way they’ll be convinced and maybe not even then.

  2. Who ordered the vote counting to cease at midnight in six Dimocrat-run states? Unprecedented behavior except when stealing elections. Then, after seeing how many votes they needed, who goosed the Dominion software to get busy? Add their vote totals together and you get more than there are registered voters. Trump’s 75 million is most ever for a sitting president. Biden’s 81 million is absolutely unheard of for someone who rarely campaigned. I’ll never believe it wasn’t stolen. And if it isn’t cleared up there’ll never be another Republican president.