The Crown

Is a series on Netflix about Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (Lilabet, as her husband called her) that is mostly good. I’m on the second season now and still enjoying it. Some of the actors were also in Downton Abbey, which further amuses, watching them be someone different, or mostly different.

UPDATE: The Kennedys, before the assassination, visit QE2. The actors don’t much resemble Jack and Jackie. Her apology to Lilabet for saying snotty things about her and admission to being doped up by the WH doctors is bizarre. Maybe? Or not.

MORE: Season 3, Episode 1 has a new Lilabet and a new Phillip (trading Matt Smith for the villain of Outlander) and, suddenly, I couldn’t care less. Smarter would have been to age the originals. Oh, well, on to better (well, different) things.

2 responses to “The Crown

  1. Skip the Thatcher parts. Gillian Anderson is utter garbage. I thought, she was quite cute in ‘The X files,’ but her Thatcher smear is appalling. The writing of it is also dumb.

    That Tracey Ullman skit about the Queen is great:

  2. I know literally nothing about the politics, so thanks for the viewpoint. I’m approaching the flick as art and trying not to worry too much about the truth. I’ll hold off on Tracy until I’ve seen more of Lilabet, whom I am mostly enjoying. Especially like Matt Smith as Prince Phillip. This is the third or fourth flicker series I’ve watched. Interesting format. Bet the actors like the steady work and pay.