I’m scheduled for another one, although I really don’t intend to be treated for any cancer discovered, simply because I want a heads-up. If anything’s found, I prefer to just find out how long I have and sign up for hospice. Having watched Mrs. Charm go through chemo, I know I don’t want any of that poison. No surgery and no radiation, either. I’d just rather know what’s coming than be in the dark. If nothing is, then I can rest easy for a few more years. About colon cancer, anyway, which felled my father and grandfather.

UPDATE: Got the pre-op appointment set for Aug. 31. Event usually happens soon after.

2 responses to “Colonoscopy

  1. Elizabeth Dunlap

    I am still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I will be hoping for the best. Beth Reaney Dunlap.

  2. Nice to hear from you, dear. The best would be a few more years after my seventh or eighth procedure. Can’t remember which. But I’m ready to go home if it comes to that. What I’m not ready to do is play the oncology game (known in the media as “fighting cancer”) for some doc’s luxury car payment.