Lawless Biden

“Biden’s Justice Department [is] running roughshod over the First Amendment, threatening to investigate and prosecute parents for protesting against school boards and teachers who insist on indoctrinating children with the cultural Marxism beloved by Democrats.”

Shut up, he explained.

Via Fox News

UPDATE: Return fire from “almost two dozen parent organizations”: “The parent organizations pointed out that the [National School Board Association’s] call for the federal government to use its power against parents was in itself a menacing and ‘thinly veiled threat, intended to intimidate into silence and submission the very constituents that [the NSBA] members ostensibly represent.’ I mean, what else would you call asking the president to sic the Department of Justice, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Secret Service Assessment Center, and the Postal Service on America’s parents?'” Politics, of course.

2 responses to “Lawless Biden

  1. To me it really boils down to two questions to explain the Left’s behavior:
    1) Does the Left believe they’ve won?
    2) Or is it a case of knowing they are toast and trying get as much as possible before they do.

    Either way, I have never seen until now such a political suicide!

  2. Hope you’re right. Depends on whether the GOP can take back the house and senate. Otherwise the Left has three more years to get.