The Ohmigod variant

Figures it would be Texas to get the first Omicron death. Why? Because Texas is influential. But all we know, or can know, is that the passed Houstonian was in his 50s. Duh. And unvaccinated. Double Duh. But nothing about the co-morbidity he was carrying when he caught the Ohmigod variant. It’s still co-morbidity folks who are being snuffed out. I really agree with Trump that China should pay reparations to the world for this shit. Communist Party assholes.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the politicians, government and Mediacrats are ginning up the fear factory. Sanity is harder to find.

MORE: Now they’re saying the Texas man had an “underlying health condition,” a co-morbidity, in other words, but not what it was.

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