Here’s my offer: $10 a gallon gas by spring, certainly by summer. The idea is to drive us all to public transportation (buses, light rail, bicycles, etc.) Or electric cars. Unless the Saudis bail us out, but even then the price won’t go down by much.

Most people can’t afford electric cars, nor the replacement of the battery after it craters. Just daily recharging is expensive and takes hours. I am luckily retired. Those that must get to work every day are going to take it in the shorts. 

2 responses to “Prediction

  1. Chances are that the economic collapse in China and Turkey will send the world economy into a tailspin and bring the gas price down again. But you could be right, so I don’t bet on it.

  2. You may be right. I’m American-centric here, knowing little or nothing about the world economy. When Biden shut our pipelines and withdrew the federal lands for drilling, he created a supply problem for us (quite intentionally, however much he pretends otherwise, just like our open border is intentional) with no lowering of demand. Price can’t help going up when too much demand chases a declining supply. The Saudis might help but it won’t be for nothing,