Starter not battery

I thought the old (2004), aging CRV had eaten another battery, but the AAA guy who came out to help said, no, the battery is fine. It’s the starter that’s broken. He jump-started the CRV and I drove it to First Texas Honda where I got a loaner and came home. Could take a while to get the starter fixed, as the car is a bit of an antique by Honda standards in 2022. So we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

UPDATE: A new starter installed is about $1,000, they say. But. meanwhile, they found more wrong, including a safety problem with a knuckle on a ball joint involving the rack-and-pinion steering. Total about $6k. Bar’s ex was an auto mechanic who bragged about causing problems then calling for their repair. To make more money, of course. But the CRV is 18 years old with 125,000 miles on it, so it’s just as likely to have been legitimately discovered. And fixing it all is a lot cheaper than buying the cheapest new used one I could find online, six years old, also with 125,000 miles, for $18,000+. So I went for the 6. I’ll baby it.

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