Lyin’ Biden: Wartime prez

With approval ratings hovering in the 20s, and prices steadily rising, Joetato will now save his presidency (not to mention his party’s hold on Congress) by becoming what they all want to be: A wartime president. Hey, it got Bush Jr. a second term.

Slow Joe is off to Europe and a bid at grabbing some of Zelensky’s luster for his ownself. Also sending millions of dollars of new, defensive weapons to the television president who’s outflanking the world’s leaders with his striking visuals and stirring words. What do we say Joetato will even shake the Z man’s grimy hand, in Poland, say, then hand him a combat shotgun, with a hearty “Go get ’em”?

Long as the famous draft-dodger (five Vietnam War socio-economic deferments) doesn’t have to get shot at. Macho aviator sunglasses and all.

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