Vehicle Registration Stickers

So, H.E.B. couldn’t help. That leaves the tax office. Because it is short-staffed, you need an appointment these days. We got one for April 15, the earliest available. Meanwhile we’re vulnerable to be ticketed for out-of-date stickers (the new ones never having arrived). A tax office option is their drive-thru. I went the other morning before 10 a.m. and found it had already been closed, apparently due to being at capacity. I suppose I shall have to try and make its 7:30 a.m. opening. Or, possibly, send our applications for new stickers through the mail with a check. Problems, problems.

UPDATE: Decided to do just that, mail the applications with a check. I’m just not able to drive in the dark of the morning to make the drive-thru’s opening before it fills up and closes. Probably is a bureaucratic reason why it won’t work. But we’ll see.

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