They want us to suffer

They? The political establishment, says the Instapundit, i.e. law professor Glen Reynolds:

“Expensive food is also on the menu. For years, activists, environmentalists and “sustainability” gurus have been telling us that food is too cheap, encouraging waste. Well, the establishment is fixing that, too: With prices for fuel and fertilizer going up, prices for food are skyrocketing. In a reprise of the ugly Jimmy Carter years, inflation is taking off, and ordinary Americans are having to choose between eating, heating their homes and fueling their cars. Steaks are no longer for the little people — you’ll eat beans and rice and like it.”

Via NYPost

2 responses to “They want us to suffer

  1. The only good thing about Carter was Reagan. There are only few things that can turn this ship around at that point and it is the American people, their speech and their vote. The whole world will suffer from food shortages soon, but Europe is protecting insects from extinction. Not this or that species of insects. Insects. Period. Madness!

  2. I wouldn’t put much hope in our voting. The crookery of the 2020 presidential election hasn’t been fixed. It’s likely to continue. The establishment, here and elsewhere, wants us to suffer.