Uvalde chief says didn’t order waiting

Pete Arredondo, the bullet-headed Uvalde school police chief, says he never ordered a stand-down of school, city and Border Patrol cops and doesn’t know who did. The Beto supporter has lawyered up and is out of hiding for the first time since the massacre. He told the leftist Texas Tribune: “I didn’t issue any orders.”

As the highest-ranking officer at the scene, however, he would have been assumed to be in command. And instead of following protocol and moving to confront the shooter immediately, he delayed for more than an hour waiting for special tools to breach the locked classroom door. Couldn’t find a key. Didn’t know kids in the classroom were calling 911 begging for help for wounded classmates because he didn’t have his police radio with him. Didn’t anyone else have one? One wounded child bled out waiting and a teacher died of her wounds as well.

Be interesting to see if he’ll talk to anyone else, including other media not as leftist as the Tribune. But he has a lawyer now and is parsing his words carefully. Disgraceful.

Via Fox News

UPDATE: Uvalde shows once again that cops are just armed bureaucrats.

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