Restricting AR-15 ammo

Have to say that Lyin’ Biden, for all he acts and is seen as stupid, is pretty smart attacking the makers of the AR-15’s principal ammo, the 5.56 cartridge. And I think Armalite created the problem by making their semi-auto hunting rifles look like full-autos and hence be called assault rifles by the media.

“Last night, news broke that the Biden Administration is taking behind-the-scenes steps to further strangle the already constricted market for ammunition in the United States. The move could result in a reduction of the commercial production of 5.56 caliber ammunition by over thirty percent.

“The move, if completed, would dramatically reduce availability of ammunition for America’s most popular rifle (and, not coincidentally, the one most targeted by gun prohibitionists).”

First, you made it look military, then the Democrats started calling it a weapon of war because it looked like one. Not that anyone has gone to war with a semi-auto since World War II.

Via Instapundit & NRA

2 responses to “Restricting AR-15 ammo

  1. I myself do not own a gun (my luck something I’d do something dumb), but I fully support the right to legally own a firearm(s). I know very little about the AR-15, except for the info I gather from the folks in my carpool that own firearms.

    You are correct in your assessment of the AR-15, it definitely has evolved to a military-style gun, that doesn’t help with the optics.

    Folks better start stocking up on ammo, cause in true Obama-style policing they are going to restrict access to it.

  2. I have guns but none of them are rifles. I have been thinking about buying a lever-action Henry rifle, probably in 30-30. Which wouldn’t be affected by the restrictions. The Henry doesn’t look menacing but rather like something from the old wild west.