The incautious court

As the mobs gather to protest and threaten (police used tear gas to disperse them in Arizona) one thing is clear: when the left loses, it switches to riot mode. And that is one reason the Supremes have been historically relatively cautious in their decisions. Until now. A landmark expansion of 2nd Amendment rights followed days later by overturning Roe v Wade after fifty years is hardly cautious.

Angry voices already are calling to ignore the court on both decisions. The Supremes have no enforcement powers, after all. The DOJ is supposed to back its rulings but the current AG is already expressing anger at the dumping of Roe. This could be the constitutional crisis the leftists are always on about. Or just another summer riot season starting early.

The justices explicitly said they were turning the issue of abortion back to the states to decide, but with two dozen states already banning or planning to ban abortion, that hardly comforted the mob.

Via Fox News

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