Climate scam’s history

“Environmentalists subscribe to continually changing prophecies of apocalyptic disaster: Our topsoil is being washed into the ocean (The Road to Survival — 1948), extermination of birds with (The Silent Spring — 1962), overpopulation will result in starvation (The Population Bomb — 1968), we will run out of resources and strangle on pollution (The Limits to Growth — 1972). A new man-made ice age will have a permanent glaciers be down to the Dakotas by the year 2000 (Science — 1975). Acid rain from burning coal will destroy our forests and crops (circa 1985). Hairspray will destroy the ozone layer and cause cancer (early 1980s). Rising sea levels will drown NY City and Miami (1989- present), Burning fossil fuels adds CO2 to the atmosphere that will cause disastrous global warming (1988-2015). These prophecies and many others were claimed to be scientifically justified but ended up just another scam for the con artist trying to make a quick buck so we can add climate change to the list.”

Via the anon-r030 commenter at PJMedia

2 responses to “Climate scam’s history

  1. Rick Wilson

    And do not forget they hope to get a life time useless salaried government position, or grant, or government funded program they invented to self-justify their non-producer status to save a damn desert rat in Arizona.