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The CDC’s mask-Nazis

This will mainly create little mask-Nazis that grow up to be adult Nazis. Like the 30ish female attendant on Amtrak who recently, repeatedly over a P.A. system, threatened all of us in coach that if we were caught without a mask on we’d be thrown off the train at the next stop, however remote. A threat they used to reserve for smokers.

Via Instapundit

FDR’s war against the press

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt, revised the media rules in equally profound ways. Like Trump, he feuded with the mainstream media; like Trump, he used a new medium [radio] as a direct pipeline to the people. He also used the government’s machinery to suppress unfavorable coverage, a fate we hope to avoid in the age of Trump.”

“And then there was that time in 1942, when FDR gave a New York Daily News journalist whose reporting he disagreed with a Nazi Iron Cross medal.”

It’s okay when they do it. Especially the principal hero of the modern liberal Dim party.

Via Reason and PJMedia

Ride-share in Austin? You could lose your car

The regulators and the regulated are at it again, the former protecting the latter from competition, instead of, you know, helping the consumer. Ha, ha. Regulation is never about the consumer. That’s just political window dressing.

Try to offer ride-sharing service here in Austin via the Lyft or Uber apps? You could lose your car. Simple as that. No consumer protection here, fella, just competition protection.

As the Instapundit says, when the market rules, the opportunities for graft decline. And the regulators can’t have that. Not even in Texas. No sirree.